OpenRadioss Steering Committee Members

Elham Sahraei
Associate Professor & Director of
Electric Vehicle Safety Lab
Temple University

Dominique Le Corre
Head of Crash Center of Competence & Innovation Manager

Nicolas Vallino
Research Engineer & Expert in transient dynamics simulations
Safran Tech

Paul Du Bois
Worldwide expert in crashworthiness
and dynamic impact simulations
in auto & aero
Independent Engineer

Paolo Panichelli
CAE Manager & Senior Research Engineer
FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile)

Saullo G.P. Castro
Associate Professor
Aerospace, Structures & Materials
Delft University of Technology

Christian Alter
Senior Research Fellow
THM Giessen

Pierre Jean Arnoux
Director of LBA & Research Director
Gustave Eiffel University
Aix Marseille University

Axel Hänschke
25+ years of experience at Ford
Head of Business Development
CPS Consulting

Kang Zhao
Founder and CEO

Marian Bulla
OpenRadioss Community

Eric Lequiniou
SVP Radioss & Solver HPC