OpenRadioss user meeting: FH Aachen, University of Applied Science: Aachen, June 27th, 2023


Archive of the event proceedings

OpenRadioss Technical Presentations

From the Aachen user meeting: June 27th, 2023


Eric Lequiniou | Altair
Senior Vice President, Radioss Development

Opening of The 2nd OpenRadioss Users Meeting


Prof. Dr.-Ing Peter Dahmann
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thilo Röth | FH Aachen University

Keynote Presentation: Todays FEM-Education at FH Aachen and living Altair-Cooperation


Vincent Dampure | Altair
Product Manager, Crash

HyperWorks for Radioss Structural Impact and Vehicle Safety Applications


Daniel Campos Murcia | DatapointLabs
CAE Engineer

Beyond Standards:
Material Testing and Processing for Successful Simulations of Foam Materials


Paul Du Bois
Independent Engineer

Challenges in Material Modeling of Metals and Polymers


David Lecomber | ARM
Senior Director, HPC

The Development of OpenRadioss Support for Arm (CMB)


Björn Adamski ​| CIQ
Managing Director, EMEA

Fast-track to OpenRadioss with Rocky Linux on Oracle Cloud


Dr. Robert Bollig | Cornelis Networks
HPC Solution Architect

Delivering Leadership Performance with Open-Source Software: OpenRadioss™ and Cornelis™ Omni-Path Express™


Kang Zhao | Simright

Input Format Conversion of OpenRadioss: Practice and Use Cases


Dr. Axel Haenschke | CPS Consulting
Senior Consultant, Head of Business Development, MBSE

The Tool-set to Implement the Virtual Tire Lab in The Altair Environment


Saullo G.P. Castro | Delft University of Technology
Associate Professor Aerospace Structures & Materials

Challenges and Current Developments Towards Design for Crashworthiness


Pierre-Jean Arnoux | LBA & Gustave Eiffel University
Director and Research Director

Virtual Human Modeling for Health Applications


Robert O’Bara | Kitware, Inc.
Senior Consultant, Head of Business Development, MBSE

Supporting End-to-End Simulation Workflows Using Computational Model Builder (CMB)
CMB Kitware


Elham Sahraei | Temple University
Associate Professor & Director of Electric Vehicle Safety Lab

Modeling Deformation and Failure of Lithium-ion Batteries Using OpenRadioss


Lukas Laarmann | FH Aachen
Research Associate, Structural Design & Crash

Evaluation of eVTOL Crashworthiness using full-vehicle crash simulations