HPC Benchmark Models

Models well suited for benchmarking HPC performance

HPC Benchmark Models:

Ford Taurus 10m element HPC Benchmark

10 Million element benchmark model for scalability benchmarking (HPC Clusters with large numbers of CPU)

Chrysler Neon 1m element HPC Benchmark

This model has 1 million finite elements. It is suitable for testing a low number of cluster nodes or a single compute server

Application Demonstration Models

Get started with OpenRadioss with example models, the examples from this page and many more are available from the example model page

Selected Example Models:

Bird Strike on Windshield

Simulation of a bird hitting an aircraft windshield using SPH elements

INIVOL and Fluid Structure Interaction (Drop Container)

Simulation of a container partially filled with water (remainder with air) being dropped from a height of 1 meter.

Fan Blade Rotation Initialization and Impact

For structures rotating at very high speeds, accounting for initial stresses in the structure due to the centrifugal force field.

Blow molding with Advanced Mass Scaling (AMS).

Introduction to high-quality time step control Advanced Mass Scaling (AMS).

Ice Cube

Demonstration of falling and sliding of an ice cube on to sloped beams (explicit transient dynamic analysis for deformable, free-flying objects).


An explicit stamping simulation followed by a spring-back analysis, using implicit or explicit solvers for stress relaxation (sheet metal).

Camry and Yaris Impact Models in LS-DYNA® format

Demonstration of a full vehicle impact models using OpenRadioss capability to run LS-DYNA®* input format for publicly available models.

Bumper Beam

Example of a simple bumper beam impacting a rigid pole.

Tensile Test (Radioss Block Format)

Tensile test simulation for verification and validation of material models before proceeding to more complex component level or system level simulations.

Football (Soccer) Shots

Could the shape of the goal crossbar post have changed the result of the European football championship final?

Cell Phone Drop Test

Demonstration of a drop test for consumer electronics, with a simplified representation of a cell phone dropped from 1.5m onto a rigid plane.

Rubber ‘O-Ring’ Seal Installation

A simple example of the installation of a rubber O-ring seal