OpenRadioss Users’ Day 2024

26th September 2024

Philadelphia, USA

Join us in-person or Online Virtually for an entire day of thought-provoking technical presentations and discussions about numerous and diverse advances made by the worldwide OpenRadioss Community, register now, in person places are limited

Powerful, industry-proven finite element solver for dynamic event analysis – now available to all

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Welcome to the OpenRadioss Community

WHAT IS OpenRadioss™?

OpenRadioss is free, publicly available FEA software for simulation of impact, shock and highly dynamic events, you may download stable pre-built executables for Windows or Linux or compile yourself from the source code base hosted at GitHub

OpenRadioss primarily uses the same input format and source code as the commercial software Altair® Radioss® that is widely used in industry

For more than three decades, the world’s top industrial, research and development, and educational organizations have employed Radioss to solve complex linear and nonlinear engineering problems. In September 2022, Altair introduced OpenRadioss, open-source software designed to bring together a worldwide community of experts and users to make the world a safer, greener place

OpenRadioss has a worldwide community of researchers, software developers, and industry leaders that are enhancing it every day. And you can joint it! OpenRadioss is changing the game by empowering users to make rapid contributions that tackle the latest challenges brought on by rapidly evolving technologies like battery development, lightweight materials and composites, human body models and biomaterials, autonomous driving and flight, as well as the desire to give passengers the safest environment possible via virtual testing

With OpenRadioss, scientists and technologists can focus their research on a stable code base under professional maintenance that benefits from the large library of existing finite element capabilities and the continuous integration and continuous development tools provided to contributors


If you are interested in simulating automotive crash and safety, shock and impact analysis, electronic and consumer goods drop testing, or fluid structure interactions, then OpenRadioss is for you. OpenRadioss lets users make efficient, robust predictions of combined multiphysics behaviors in complex environments by relying on advanced MPI and OpenMP parallel structure, which provides industry-leading scalability regarding large, highly nonlinear structural and multiphysics simulations

If you are interested in joining a community of contributors to the development of a widely used industrial FEA code and seeing your contributions used more widely, OpenRadioss is for you

Users can also run LS-DYNA® * model input format, including publicly available opensource Human Body Models directly in OpenRadioss. Community members are working to enhance and share LS-DYNA® model input and develop interoperability with other popular explicit solvers.

A library of example models is available through the OpenRadioss Confluence pages and ModelExchange at GitHub

WHAT IS Altair® Radioss®?

Altair Radioss is the commercially released, industry-proven analysis solution that helps users evaluate and optimize product performance for highly nonlinear problems under dynamic loadings. For more than 30 years, organizations have used Altair Radioss to streamline and optimize the digital design process, replace costly physical tests with quick and efficient simulation, and speed up design optimization iterations – all so users and organizations can improve product quality, reduce costs, and shorten development cycles

Altair Radioss has documented release version cycles and commercial technical support